Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Social Media or the Destruction of Social reality?

Most Social media, in my book is the death of reality.  It's meteoric rise has now allowed for  the populous of this world to  behave in ways, which in a normal social situations such as gatherings, pubs, meetings etc simply would not be allowed.

In such normal social situations, if we say something, or act in a way which is agreeable or disagreeable, we can almost instantly judge how others react to it, subtle changes in mood, atmospheric pressure, vocal sounds and body language are constantly giving us signals which in turn  allow us to correct something which is felt to be wrong.  Equally it can help to reinforce what is right.. it is a massively fantastic tried and tested system.

However, Social Media strips all that multi level sensory input  away, it allows for complete autonomy, with very little immediate consequence to a persons action. What i also find manifest is the use of time on different levels as a tool or weapon, for example, if a person, who is not very eloquent or capable of making simple constructive arguments in their daily life, will find that on Media, they can plan, plot, edit or rewrite what they want to say, in their own time  whereas in a real social situation, this can only be done to a degree.

Time also when used as a weapon the fully loaded gun of vindictiveness can be perfectly timed to get a huge impact. say, if a person wants to target someone, they can plan to fire the bullet at a time of choosing, often at times when they know their victim is offline. Then like a little incendiary fire, it can smoulder away, but by the time the target as seen it, read it and ingested it, it's too late, it has already been shared many times, posted- PM'd,  Re-tweeted  hash tagged, but what is worst is that no matter how a victim reacts they can never do it in a way that the social norm  would dictate. Social Media at it's best is OK, at it's worst it is a barbaric asylum, which is a paradise for the vindictive sociopathic  misanthropes to get off on,  as well as  any other type of hater you care to mention,  it is for Jeremy Kyle candidates, and people who think Judge Rinder is the face of Justice. It is for the people the Eugenicists were right about..

 Intelligent people talk to each other, raise constructive arguments and form real alliances.. therefore I will stick to reality with  friends and a coffee thanks, (apologies to the dim-witted  nothing personal) 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

the Mental Microscope: The World Wide Web, Which bit is actually free exa...

the Mental Microscope: The World Wide Web, Which bit is actually free exa...: Perhaps I am simply thick. I am certainly missing something, and it is something many people seem to grasp; and therefore, I know it’s me t...

The World Wide Web, Which bit is actually free exactly.

Perhaps I am simply thick. I am certainly missing something, and it is something many people seem to grasp; and therefore, I know it’s me that is wrong, yet I don’t know why.
As I understand it Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet in or around 1990. Then in a completely altruistic gesture, he gave it away, to everybody. The world, for free, wow that was an amazing thing to do.  
But for me 27 years later, I’m still in a fog about it, let me try and explain my problem. if it was a gift for free, and everyone was supposed to have access to it, then why is it often so inaccessible.  In fact, there is a few villages near to where I live, who even today are unable to access even digital radio.  However my really big question is this, why does everyone have to pay to use it, for example if you don’t have a service provider then all you can really do with your desktop or Laptop is play minesweeper  or solitaire, or try and figure out what excel is and how you may have a use for it..
Truly the internet is brilliant, when you think of what you have access to, it’s amazing. Today there is possibly a website for any subject you care to think of and catering for all tastes. However, that access is only limited to reading websites.  If you don’t know how to join in, by making  your own website or blog, you soon  become the technological version of the new kid to the area sitting in the playground on your own.  
I see advertisements for GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress with strap lines such as “building a web site is easy and cheap. However when you visit them online, it’s  like walking in to paint explosion of colour, with flashing images, reps offering to chat to you, text telling you about backgrounds- themes- imagery, suggestions for “ really snazzy all-singing-all-dancing website in minutes”  they tell you all about the packages you can have, and how much they cost, details of  how many  gigabytes you can  get with each, what Bandwidth ( I have no idea what that is) how many email addresses you get, Domain name registration.  CHRIST and all I want to do what I am currently doing right at this moment. I don’t need a theme, nor a background, I am not going to take on Amazon or Ebay, I just want something nice and easy
But can I find anything, which is easy? Nope not a bloody chance. the only thing which has come close is this one Blogger. But even now, it begins to feel like, that if I am to have a place in the world-wide ether then I need to succumb to the pressure to get a registered Domain name. and all registration companies online want to charge you for the privilege of using the WWW.free gift  they advertise it as Say £1.99 per month, however just when you think ok I will go for it, they then tell you it’s billed annually and suddenly you think  it £23.88 which isn’t a lot if you have it disposable, but some people also have to think,, well I have the M.O.T. due this month,, or the toddler needs new shoes.  Furthermore  if you just register the Domain it’s no good with out a hosting site. 
 I have just visited 1and1.co.uk who have advertised hosting from £0.99 oooh  I think, Click add to cart and!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This changes to 30 days free trial then it’s  £6.99 per month minimum 12 months   that’s £83.88 plus the £23.88 for the Domain  that’s £107.76 per year just to let people know what I am thinking about. if I did  buy now  it would be due again just before Christmas next year. And I have kids, a wife a mortgage ----Some free gift to the world
If only it was much more simple anyway Merry Xmas and happy new year